How To Lose 5lbs In 2 Weeks?

Losing 5 lbs in 2 weeks is doable if you are ready to put in some extra effort than what you are currently doing. This is possible for overweight people who want to lose weight but it is little difficult for people who are already in their ideal weight. Losing weight fast is not advisable; so if you are planning to modify your diet to lose 5 pounds, you are advised to consult your doctor for proper guidance especially when you have some medical conditions.

If you are planning to follow a weight loss program, you can choose reliable or clinically proven programs to lose weight safely. For example, Medifast is a clinically proven program and has been helping people of America lose weight at a faster rate with is low calorie meal replacement foods. Nutrisystem is another weight loss program which has been in the weight loss field for more than 45 years. Both the programs claim to offer from 1 lbs to 2lbs per week at a steady rate. Nutrisystem delivers all ready to go meals while Medifast asks you to prepare one lean and green meal daily. Before starting your weight loss journey go through a comparison review on ready to eat vs diy programs and choose the most suitable one.

To lose one pound of fat you will have to eat 3500 fewer calories than your body expends through other activities. Therefore to shed 5 pounds you will have to eat fewer than 17500 calories that what you require in 2 weeks. Your daily calorie deficit works out to be 1250. You can aim at reducing 750 calories from your daily consumption and burn 500 calories through exercise and other activities. Men (1500 calories) and women (1200 calories) should not eat lesser than their daily calorie requirement as it will lead to malnutrition.…