Pros and cons of Octane Booster

Octane number is a rating that is used to measure the fuel resistance to pre-ignition. We see it every day and we take it for granted. We do not know how to apply it in a practical sense. You may wonder how it will affect you if your octane number changes from 91 to 87 or from 87 to 83.

Octane boosters for cars claim to improve the life and performance of the engine. These are basically gasoline additives and have gained immense popularity over years. There are certain reasons behind it. Octane boosters claim to reduce emissions and save fuel.

Fuel is the basic functional requisite of every vehicle. The fuel we use in our car engines is composed of octane mostly. It gives you a measurement how slow or fast petrol burns. Higher octane level results in less consumption of oil.

As per, Octane booster is a chance for drivers to enhance the overall performance of their automobiles and take the basic transportation to a higher level.

As most of the products have, octane booster also has both pros and cons. Read on to know more about it.


  • Higher the octane level, lesser the gas consumption. If the fuel you use has high level of octane, it would burn more efficiently. That is how you can limit the consumption of fuel.
  • The compression ratio of the fuel increases with the high level of octane and in turn it also increases the horsepower of the engine of your car.
  • The best octane booster helps in reducing emissions from your vehicle. It eventually ends up reducing carbon build-ups that are lodged inside the engine.
  • The price of octane booster easily fits in your pocket and it is readily available at almost every petrol station.
  • The additives are used to inhibit corrosion. It also lubricates the upper cylinders that are not used much often.


  • Higher octane level increases the compression ratio which initiates the problem of pre-ignition. Secondly, too much compression can also cause damage to your engine.
  • All the brands advertise their products as the best but not all the octane boosters are same. The fact is all the octane boosters are not same. There is a huge difference among them.
  • Sometimes octane boosters end up harming your automobile and environment. That is why it is advised to choose the octane booster for your automobile wisely.