Do You Need To Shop Around For Vitamins When Dieting?

Okay, let me get this straight:

I have gone from 200 pounds to 150 pounds in a matter of two years and it has all been with sheer hard work, sans any steroids, supplements or vitamins.

I have pumped iron and totally avoided machines. So, you see there, I have not taken the shortest route available. Instead, I took the way that is the hardest. That is probably why it took me two long years to pull done and come to the ideal weight for me.

Anyone else in my weight and category could do that in less than a year. But the problem with that quick fix would be exactly that. It would have been a quick fix and the effect of which would have waned the moment the person I off the machines or swallowing supplement or mixing powders in his beverages.

On the contrary, weight loss when done in the way so as to imbibe vitamins from the food groups and not supplements and powders is more enduring and the effect is longer lasting.

You don’t believe me!
Well, from the name itself, a supplement is meant to be only what the name suggests. It supplements what you cannot do. so, if there is a haste thing and you do want to pull down quickly because you have an occasion or an event coming, by all means, go ahead and take vitamins and supplements for the D day but do not, in any case, make a habit out of it.

The Jane Seymour website:

It was enlightening to read the website. There is a complete lowdown on everything that I would have wanted to know before I started my fitness journey. I am glad I did it the right way. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have helped me reach my goal. In the end, I d like to say I may have arrived late but I have come for good!…