I Shop For Various Sex Toys

I was browsing through the movie channels and accidentally stopped on a channel showing a movie in which the heroine was a writer who wrote articles in magazines. Within seconds, I understood the movie is about her nature of being a shopaholic. I was surprised to see why a girl cannot control on her urge to shop senselessly without even having money. How stupid, doesn’t she know she will be bankrupt soon? Little did I know that I would also become one soon.

A shopaholic, but of a different version


Why fill my cupboard with clothes when I hate to dress up? Why stack up shoes when I use my legs only to rush? Why shift purses and bags when I prefer to travel light? All my theories blew up when I became curious about toys, for adults, for bachelors like me. One of the most popular online store selling household appliances and personal products, if sex toys are on sale, surely they are something to reckon with.

Pages after pages, I saw sex toys specifically for men and women, for bachelors and for couples. A new world opened before me. The next moment, I refined my search and filed my cart with one item of each type; a vibrator, a butt plug, a cat-tail, a silicone and so on. The action accelerated and then I collected different varieties of each type.

The order was delivered and whenever I opened my cupboards, I found the cat butt plugs over here, over there and everywhere. It never occurred to me whether I needed these items or whether I would use them. Now, I am in a position where I can ‘boast’ about having various types of toys, but can neither use them nor transfer them.

It should be always in our mind, irrespective of what you shop, your adrenaline rush has to be controlled and make your urge purpose-driven.…

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