Pros and cons of Octane Booster

Octane number is a rating that is used to measure the fuel resistance to pre-ignition. We see it every day and we take it for granted. We do not know how to apply it in a practical sense. You may wonder how it will affect you if your octane number changes from 91 to 87 or from 87 to 83.

Octane boosters for cars claim to improve the life and performance of the engine. These are basically gasoline additives and have gained immense popularity over years. There are certain reasons behind it. Octane boosters claim to reduce emissions and save fuel.

Fuel is the basic functional requisite of every vehicle. The fuel we use in our car engines is composed of octane mostly. It gives you a measurement how slow or fast petrol burns. Higher octane level results in less consumption of oil.

As per, Octane booster is a chance for drivers to enhance the overall performance of their automobiles and take the basic transportation to a higher level.

As most of the products have, octane booster also has both pros and cons. Read on to know more about it.


  • Higher the octane level, lesser the gas consumption. If the fuel you use has high level of octane, it would burn more efficiently. That is how you can limit the consumption of fuel.
  • The compression ratio of the fuel increases with the high level of octane and in turn it also increases the horsepower of the engine of your car.
  • The best octane booster helps in reducing emissions from your vehicle. It eventually ends up reducing carbon build-ups that are lodged inside the engine.
  • The price of octane booster easily fits in your pocket and it is readily available at almost every petrol station.
  • The additives are used to inhibit corrosion. It also lubricates the upper cylinders that are not used much often.


  • Higher octane level increases the compression ratio which initiates the problem of pre-ignition. Secondly, too much compression can also cause damage to your engine.
  • All the brands advertise their products as the best but not all the octane boosters are same. The fact is all the octane boosters are not same. There is a huge difference among them.
  • Sometimes octane boosters end up harming your automobile and environment. That is why it is advised to choose the octane booster for your automobile wisely.

5 Best Dog Houses

Owning a home, matters to the pet dog, as much as it matters to you because every living being, loves to enjoy some privacy in its own ways. Therefore, if you have a pet dog, no matter whether it is kept indoors or let outdoors, providing its own space by procuring the suitable dog house is important, for which you could consider these 5 best dog houses available in the market.

  • The wood dog houses

The wood dog houses have always remained the most favorite choice for the dog owners because they are not only inexpensive but also aesthetically appealing. When made with the high-quality woods like cedar their longevity is also increased reasonably. The two common setbacks with this dog house are maintenance and transportability, which requires careful consideration before procuring one.

  • The metal dog houses

Indeed, a durable variety, these dog houses are generally made of aluminum or the steel and are heavily insulated. Mostly suitable only for the stationary purpose, these are not readily seen or used everywhere.

  • The Plastic dog houses

One of the most commonly used dog house variety is this plastic, which comes with the very needed aspects of easy maintenance, portability, inexpensive, decent sturdiness, and aesthetic appeal. Most of the plastic dog houses that are being sold in the market are ready-to-use and therefore, these are indeed a no-fuss dog house variety! But, the only problem is with its insulation property, which anybody living under the extreme weather situations with their dog has to carefully consider before buying one.

  • The barrel dog houses

The best type of dog houses that emulate the natural environment of the canines by offering a shallow and caved environment. Again, made out of the wood, these dog houses also add beauty to your ambiance.

  • The fiberglass dog houses

Made of the sturdy fiberglass variety, these dog houses are durable and at the same time best suitable for the outdoor purposes sue to its non-leaky and protective characteristics.…

I Shop For Various Sex Toys

I was browsing through the movie channels and accidentally stopped on a channel showing a movie in which the heroine was a writer who wrote articles in magazines. Within seconds, I understood the movie is about her nature of being a shopaholic. I was surprised to see why a girl cannot control on her urge to shop senselessly without even having money. How stupid, doesn’t she know she will be bankrupt soon? Little did I know that I would also become one soon.

A shopaholic, but of a different version


Why fill my cupboard with clothes when I hate to dress up? Why stack up shoes when I use my legs only to rush? Why shift purses and bags when I prefer to travel light? All my theories blew up when I became curious about toys, for adults, for bachelors like me. One of the most popular online store selling household appliances and personal products, if sex toys are on sale, surely they are something to reckon with.

Pages after pages, I saw sex toys specifically for men and women, for bachelors and for couples. A new world opened before me. The next moment, I refined my search and filed my cart with one item of each type; a vibrator, a butt plug, a cat-tail, a silicone and so on. The action accelerated and then I collected different varieties of each type.

The order was delivered and whenever I opened my cupboards, I found the cat butt plugs over here, over there and everywhere. It never occurred to me whether I needed these items or whether I would use them. Now, I am in a position where I can ‘boast’ about having various types of toys, but can neither use them nor transfer them.

It should be always in our mind, irrespective of what you shop, your adrenaline rush has to be controlled and make your urge purpose-driven.…

Who Is TheBest Online Retailer For Male Chastity Products?

Sexual satisfaction with or without a partner is of primary importance to quite a large number of people who have extreme and intense libidos. Sometimes it is very difficult to satiate their sexual urges and just plain sex no matter how many times you perform the act or with how many people you perform the act you just don’t seem to get enough. Most of the times you feel like a wild animal and sex is always on your mind 24/7.

Using sex toys and chastity devices to enhance your sexual pleasure and satisfy your crazy sexual desires becomes more of a necessity than an indulgence. When you frequently need to purchase sex toys and accessories it is always better to scout around for a retailer who is the best as there will be absolutely no compromise on the quality of the product and you are absolutely sure that you are buying a value for money product.

The best retailer for cock cages according to the latest reviews and feedbacks from many satisfied customers can be found at and you are sure to find a wide -range of male chastity devices in different models and also made with a variety of materials. From inputs that have been gathered from various reliable sources, we can conclude that lock the cock is one of the best websites where you can order the best of chastity devices at very reasonable and affordable prices and at the same time you can be assured that the product will be top -class and absolutely novel.

So, without wasting much time, do visit and browse the site and select a product that is sure to thrill you and your partner and you both are going to simply freak out the moment the product is delivered at your doorstep.…

So Many Black Bags To Choose From Gucci

Every woman should own a little black dress as it is defined as a staple for any fashion conscious woman’s wardrobe. It is one piece of clothing that can save the day no matter what the occasion is. It can make you look stylish, sophisticated, and just about everything you want.

When you wear a perfect black dress, you need a perfect little bag to go with it. A black Gucci purse can never go wrong because you match it any type of black dress. If you want options to ensure that bag is just the perfect one for the occasion, Gucci will never disappoint you.

The Black Purses To Choose From

Here is a small list of black purses one can choose from when they want to flaunt a Gucci:

The Sylvie Leather Mini Bag – This bag in its gorgeous black shade is just perfect for those office parties where you don’t want to look too formal at the same time want to look professional. With a beautiful black handle to carry it with, you can look effortlessly stylish. Want to party and have your hands free? The multi-colored strap is just perfect to wear on your shoulder. Adds a dash of color to your outfit.

Sylvie Gucci Signature Bag – For those women who are more daring and want to show off their rebellious side, this black bag with the red flame like design on the top is sure to catch every single eye in the party. Adds a sense of style, fun yet warns people to keep their distance with you. Now which girl doesn’t want that?

Gucci Lilith Leather Shoulder Bag – For those who want a smaller yet stylish bag, this bag is the right size to carry all your essentials like phone, keys, wallet, etc. With a snakeskin design and a snake’s head design for the buckle, this bag brings out the bad/wild girl image in you. A must for those sweet innocent parties.…